Head: Cast
Torso and hands: Ret Road Block
Arms and Upper Legs: RoC Heavy Duty (armor)
Lower Legs: Ret Road Block with Retaliation Kwinn boots modded on and IG armor
Vest: Bashed from bits of Ret Road Block, Ret Duke, an armored Captain America, and 30th IG armor
Weapon: Bashed from Poc Shock Trooper shield + various fodder parts

Big Boa is yet another favorite of mine from childhood. When the GIJCC Big Boa head started being cast, I knew I wanted to do a Big Boa of some type. The GIJCC version was so good though, I didn't want to simply do a remake of that, I wanted something unique and to show a different side of the character. What would Big Boa be like on the battlefield? A bruiser no doudt. When I thought about this, I saw a huge armored beast reigning down destruction in a hail of lead from a chaingun. And what does M.D.N.W. stand for? "Mass Destruction, No Whining!"

Art by Sam Panico

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