Head: Ret Agent Mouse
Torso: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Arms: Ret Agent Mouse
Legs: Renegades Law and Order
Jacket: The Walking Dead Carl Grimes
Feet:Retaliation 3-pack Firefly
Chair is from the Coastal Defender, modified a little.

We decided to do some self customs as a part of Resurgence 3 and Radar is the character I came up for a Joe loosely based on me. The name Radar comes from a dog I had as a kid, a Golden Retriever who was a great friend. He had been named after the MASH character by the breeder, in fact the entire litter had been named after MASH characters. I was always into video games as a kid and so thought that would be an ineteresting angle to play up and since I have never served in the military, I figured may as well make me operate an attack ROV and look pretty civilian in attire. The rest was just arming up an appropriate airframe. I also included some 79's as a nod to my customizing moniker.

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