Head: GIJCC Mindbender
Torso, arms: 30th Zandar
Webgear: 25th Cobra Trooper + 30th Zombie Viper
Legs: Crimson Horsemen
Cape: Cut from a Marvel figure coat

This was made for the PHX Customs project Resurgence 3.

Bio by Sam Panico:
"Dr. Mindbender was, at one time, one of the four out of five kindly orthodontists who recommended daily brushing, flossing and tongue scraping. However, his self-experimentation with electric brainwave stimulation led to him reversing his personality to become the deceitful man that he is today. He bristles at the term mad scientist, as he feels that anyone that utilizes the scientific method and proper laboratory procedure can never be mad, no matter how insane the final results. As of late, those final results have included several Cobra operatives that have been surgically modified to withstand the rigors of some key operating theaters."

FROM THE FILES OF COBRA COMMANDER: "He is the absolute personification of Janus, the two-faced god of Roman mythology, a sycophant who tells everyone what they need to hear, just so he can escape to his laboratory, where he tortures - err, augments - my troopers to become even more fearsome and capable. Obviously, I have great personal affection for our esteemed Doctor."

Art by Sam Panico

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