Main head - MU Chameleon (with GS sculpted hair)
Alternate head - Ninja speed cycle Snake-Eyes; Kylo Ren head/cloak
Upper torso - ROC Aero-viper
Lower torso & hands - Para-viper
Arms - ROC Flash
Upper legs - Resolute Duke
Lower legs - 50th Night-viper
Boots - Unknown
Shawl - GS sculpt
Web gear - POC Spirit (plus various cast pouches, grenades, etc from Avacslab)
Rope - Storm Shadow v.50
Sword - Unknown

Inspired by a MU Chameleon head I received in a mixed lot of parts, I decided to tackle what could be seen as GI Joe sacrilege, and do an unmasked Snake-Eyes.

I never much liked the reveal of Snake-Eyes' face in the marvel run. It seemed a little too on-the-nose, like the artist was trying too hard in the evocation of a "hideous" visage.
I thought the Chameleon head gave a subtle inhuman quality without looking over the top grotesque.

The rest of the figure is a fairly standard version of Snake-Eyes with a mixture of bladed weapons and modern combat gear. I also gave him a alternate head using a traditional SE head and the Kylo Ren cloak

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