head - metal mayhem SE resculpted visor
waist up - battle field CC
waist down Sigma Strike Duke
1/6 shotgun


In his career with Cobra he has made a name for himself, overcoming his bountiful anguish and rage issues to be the surgical paramount that could be achieved in the HISS tank. His revisions to the original model only served to make those much less skilled as him rise to his advantage he noted when Munitia took his coveted HISS Tank Commander position from him.

Choosing to not let setbacks cripple his career he looked to further expand the HISS Tank role within the growing specialized armory. His HISS 3 design merged the fast attack tank with an armored personnel carrier, and again he was favored by the field commanders. An opportunity arose for him to join the upper echelon, to rise from the ranks to become one of the High Command. The Mission; extract a package and eliminate all on site witnesses. He mustered all the control he could to keep his cool as the massacre of a hospital began. However when he discovered that the package was Destro and the Baroness' child, he spoke out on what The Commander had planned. For his concerns he was found to be lacking for The Plague.

Blackout saw to his discharge would lead by example. He was shot in each knee and three times in the chest and then kicked out of a cargo plane with no chute. For many his story ended there. A lot of luck and a very hard landing later he and his savior would spend the better part of a month laying low and trying to heal and recover, plotting what they should do next.

They encountered VENOM agent Floyd Malloy and he said his boss was looking for them. Rip-it being familiar with most of the Cobra Splinter cell units figured he could talk his way through things with Miles Mayhem, however he was not prepared to be facing Inferno and Firefly. Firefly gave them an offer to join his unit, a unit that specializes on avoiding the Joe team and world conflict and center on the pay off, and a lot of payback. Rip-it was sold on the unit's name alone. The Pyre gained two members that day.

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