Head: Star Wars- Luke Skywalker (Tattooine outfit)
Chest/back: NS Storm Shadow
Arms: 25A Snake-Eye (Ninja apprentice outfit)
Waist: NS Snake-Eyes
Legs: NS Dusty
Chest holster: ??? wrapped in holster

Hadji (last name unrevealed)
Field Operative
National Security Agency
-Based on the Jonny Quest cartoon character-

Design & Colors/Painting:

Eagle Force, MASK, Centurions, even Marvel's Tony Stark. All non-GI Joe characters that could be plausibly linked to GI Joe. Jonny Quest characters also fall into this category. Other customizers, such as Dr. Bindy, have done amazing work with these characters.

This is my take: Jonny and Hadji are no longer the misadventure-prone teenagers, but are now young professionals. Hadji, following in the footsteps of Race Bannon, as an NSA operative. Jonny Quest as a GI Joe team member.

I parted this body together to use as a Devil's Due-inspired Billy Kessler, but then remembered that I'd already made one! This outfit takes the tan color scheme of the 1960's cartoon and uses it on a working-in-the-field outfit. It's already a pretty large break from the design, but I also took away the turban/head wrap. I'd already sculpted one for Ali Bombay, so I knew I could do it if I wanted to. But changing his outfit and removing the turban makes the character look older somehow.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck inset was modified to fit. The chest holster was added.

Thanks for looking.

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