Head - Gi Joe 25th Baroness (v10) 2008
Arms, Torso & Upper Legs - Indiana Jones KOTCS Irina Spalko
Lower Legs - Hasbro Gi Joe ROC Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara (v12) 2009
Feet - Hasbro Gi Joe ROC Barroness (v13) 2009
Sword - Indiana Jones KOTCS: Irina Spalko
Gun - Hasbro Gi Joe Retaliation Flint (v19)

Baroness serves as Cobra's Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant to Cobra Commander.

Serving as attache to Destro as well as being his lover. She has earned the respect and fear of her peers.

Born to Eastern European Aristocracy. She is highly educated. She harbors disdain for organized Government. Skilled in Counter Intelligence, Espionage, Military Tactics and Planning.

Destro once said "She is as Tactically calculating and dangerous on the battlefield as she is in bed! Only a superior Tactician (such as myself) could make her submit!"

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