Head: RoC Pit Commando
Helmet: Captain America
Torso: RoC Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
Arms: Retaliation ultimate Firefly
Upper Legs: 25th Dusty
Lower legs: 25th Beachhead

In the early 80's, Palitoy released a line of 3.75 inch figures based on their popular Action Man line from the 70s. Although the line included several repainted GI Joe figures and vehicles (like the VAMP, Fang, Mobat, Steeler, Stalker and Snake Eyes to name a few), most of the characters were made from 5 POA figures. These were divided into several sub-teams like SAS (Special Ops) and Z-Force (Infantry).

Doc was the Z-Force medic. My version is a pretty straight forward re-do of the original. Finding parts that had similar characteristics was not all that difficult and the recipe came together rather quickly. That said, I started this custom in February 2016. I got it 95% done and got lazy when it was time to paint the cross on his chest (I also got really busy with Resurgence 3). The custom sat on my workbench until the end of the summer until I decided to grab the bull by the horns and get him done.

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