Head: Sci-Fi
Body: HACKS purple blank
Belt Buckle skull: (MU Mystique)
Holsters: Vinyl
Boots: spliced from ?

I've been customizing so long now, that I'm using old pieces of customs as fodder for new ones, so I'm sometimes hazy on an original source piece when it's been chopped and spliced at least once before. That explains the boots here. I'd guess they are from Star Wars, but not impossible they are also Joe.

As for the character, I made this Phantom based off a traditional pulp look, though I'm setting him more in my Victorian era of EXCAL prequel heroes. If I want to go pure pulp, I can simply give him 1911s in place of revolvers, and might also consider a swappable head. But when the time frames are close, most of the noteworthy characters from my prequel verse that I want to portray are getting nudged into the late 19th century.

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