Heads: Base is a heavily modded MU Professor X. Hair is ROC Rex. At some point I had this combo cast, and I used that most often now. Any extra facial hair sculpted.

The torso pieces are from a K-Mart exclusive SW Imperial crew set. They have been modded to use Boss Fight Studio HACKS guts and engineering. This includes the neck system as well.

The waist itself is also HACKS.

The legs are a combo of Retaliation Snake Eyes, and Resolute Destro.

Belt is SW

The revolver is a metal cast made for me by 2Dark2C.

Vest front is Hobbit/Bilbo, back from POTC.

Elias Knight is a Victorian era ancestor of my modern era EXCAL universe protagonist, Knighthawk. But don't let that stop you from following him! What I really am trying to do here, like with my modern collection of heroes, is to have a central point around which to rally a diverse group of otherwise disconnected heroes.

It's not terribly original, and I pull from Wold-Newton cross-over concepts, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, public domain characters when able, but mostly just the most cool things that interest me from the era.

I've made Knight a man who has a history with the U.S. Secret Service, and the Wild Wild West, if you will, but who now focuses on private investigations into the dark arts. The antagonists of this world will be based heavily in classic monsters, goth and macabre themes. At one point, in my mind I had dubbed this verse the Steam Punk Monster Hunters, so that vibe will show up from time to time.

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