head: old bbi Connery looking head
Hat: Indy line Henry Jones
Vest: Bilbo front, POTC back
main body and limbs are all modern G.I. Joe parts, not sure which. I want to say a gray uniform Cobra.

I had to fudge the existing fictional timeline a bit here by having Henry born a little earlier than the Indy-verse suggests. That makes him about early 20s for my story here, and pushing 80s by the Last Crusade era. Even though he has not yet completed his studies at this point, I already have him portrayed as an expert, and also have had some fun with his personality.

Though what we know of Indy's dad is that he shunned his son's adventures, I think that as a young man he more than likely had a few of his own. I have him currently as an adviser to this early EXCAL league, and he has already become close friends with Sherlock Holmes and Elias Knight.

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