Head: 25A Baroness (in blue uniform)
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Chest/back, gloves, gunbelt: '02 NS Baroness
Arms (to edge of gloves): Star Wars- '97 Captive Leia
Waist: '04 NS Baroness
Legs: '10 Baroness
Snake: Renegades Cobra Commander


The DiC cartoon was a continuation ("requel" might be a better description) to the Sunbow cartoon. Many of the core characters were simply washed away and replaced with newer ones. The Baroness was one of the few carryover characters (and voice actors) that survived the transition from Sunbow to DiC. At the time, though, there were no longer had any toys of the female characters in production. DiC tweaked the existing Sunbow/Hasbro design, switching the colors from charcoal/black to medium blue w/light blue accoutrements.

When the Baroness was introduced in DIC's Operation: Dragonfire, she was responsible for transforming Cobra Commander from being a literal snake to reptile man form. A snake figure is included as Cobra Commander in snake form.

There were many Baroness routes to take. I considered doing a straight ARAH repaint as well as mixing 25A parts. Ultimately, I went with a mix of NS, Star Wars, and Modern Era parts. It alters some design elements slightly, such as the location of the holster. The Princess Leia arms replaced the ridiculously oversized NS shoulders. Losing elbow and some shoulder articulation was worth it. I also painted the lower boots as a solid color because the striped look of the cartoon is bafflingly stupid. The color of the collar is slightly lighter than the gunbelt/gloves/boots to offset the shadow of the hair.

The 25A Baroness (in blue uniform) was the best choice to use, even though it had no eyebrows or lipstick. I painted the lenses pink instead of blue (my normal stand-in color for clear) because the body of the figure is already decked out in blue. Because the eyes weren't visible, I painted on expressive eyebrows- and also painted the lips red.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck post is cast. The shoulder sockets were reworked for the arms. The torso was lengthened at the bottom to fix the NS proportions, but I left the arms slightly long to balance out the long legs.

About Cobra Commander (in snake form):

This is the snake from the Renegades Cobra Commander, which in the cartoon was named Serpentor. In that continuity Serpentor was an oversized monster snake, not the realistically proportioned snake like the one which came with Cobra Commander figure. It was painted as the same time as my DIC Cobra Commander, so the colors of that figure and the snake CC match each other.

Thanks for looking.

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