Head - snake eyes v1
arms, hands kamakura v1
legs feet - flame sword kamakura
torso - firefly v2
mask - arctic duke
belt - zartan
shock sword - ninja bat
smg - firefly
grappling hook - duke v1 trimmed guard to fit in sword sheath to be back mounted

Throwdown -
It is no secret that Snake Eyes is among the most prolific assets used by the GI Joe team. His combat skills and jack of all trades abilities have turned the tide of many battles. His presence alone can diffuse some conflicts, His legend has often been actually a legacy. While recovering from the injuries at the hands of Baroness and the Paine Brothers, Throwdown was inducted to the team. His codename was changed to Snake Eyes so Cobra would not feel that the team had been weakened. He has been trained by Snake Eyes in many Arashikage techniques, however he favors Krav Maga. In time he will prove to be more than a replacement for Snake Eyes but until then, he has sworn to hold the line.

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