Head: NS Heavy Duty
Chest/back: NS Destro (t-crotch version)
Arms: 25A Roadblock
Hands: ???
Waist, legs: 25A Serpentor

This is my 275th custom. Ouch!


With its protruding jaw and intense glare, the Heavy Duty head is a good match for the equally amped-up GI Joe Extreme Lt. Stone heads. The rest of the parts are bulky NS and 25A parts that blend together to create the right mid-90's vibe, though the uniform isn't a match for any of the three Lt. Stone figures from the GI Joe Extreme line.

Colors and Paint:

A combination of the V1 and V2 Lt. Stone figures. For uniformity, the arm padding and knee/leg padding are mustard, with the pouches and webgear being green. It almost has a Mega Marines feel to it.

It probably would have been more in keeping with the feel of the GI Joe Extreme lineup to give Lt. Stone a spray tan complexion, like I did with Metalhead. However, one orange guy is enough. Instead Lt. Stone gets an almond skin tone- I had to do a light "sunburn" wash around the base of the neck to provide more contrast against the bisque-colored body armor.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The forearm padding, knee padding, shin padding, and thigh pouches are all sculpted. I picked out the Serpentor legs because of the oversized knee pads and bulky boots. But they weren't "extreme!" enough to do the character justice without adding more mass and texture. The texture also minimized the Serpentor feel.

Thanks for looking.

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