Head: Tonka- Play People figure cast
Chest/back: Star Wars- Princess Leia (watching her planet explode outfit)
Arms: Star Wars- Princess Leia ("Ewoks made my clothes" outfit)
Legs: Star Wars- Princess Leia (denying Chewbacca a medal he deserved outfit)
Skirt: Star Wars- Doda Bodonawieedo


President Mason appeared in DiC's episode "Injustice and the Cobra Way". Written by Flint Dille and Meg McLaughlin, it was one of the DiC episodes that blended with the Sunbow run, at least in feel. The episode centers around the POTUS being replaced with a doppleganger. Sounds like the plot of the first two GI Joe movies, doesn't it? The movies featured Zartan as the impostor, whereas the cartoon from almost 20 years earlier featured Zarana in that slot.

Were the writers of the GI Joe movie so lazy that they just swiped a plot from a kids' cartoon? Sure seems that way.

This custom is made of Princess Leia parts topped with a Tonka figure head. The outfit is fairly close to the one seen in the cartoon without matching it exactly. Like many of my customs, this is more a statue with moveable arms than an action figure.

Also, we should probably address the fact that this is my 7th DiC-inspired custom. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the cartoon, plus some grey streaking in the hair to show some age. Likewise, agelines and skin blemishes make the head look older than it's sculpted to be.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The arms were epoxy smoothed where the long sleeves came out from under the short sleeves.

The figure doesn't actually have a waist piece. To make the body look a bit older, the hips were widened by separating the legs away from each other. Instead of a waist, there's a piece of rigid plastic tubing (a pen cap) between the hip insets.

Thanks for looking.

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