I peeled of the helmet of a 25th Major Bludd. The buck is a 50th Firefly. Left arm is from a 50th Spirit and a 50th Flint hand. Right arm is from a Jungle BAT. I used green stuff to make the sleeve rolls on the arms. The web gear is from a 50th Dusty, didn't even need to paint it! I used green stuff to redo his eye patch too. Also, green stuff (love that stuff!) is what I used to make his coif. Weapon is a MTF assault rifle.

I wanted to update the look of Bludd with a more tactical look. He is a fighter and the original one-eyed Cobra officer! His helmet was always a little weird to me. I put a beret on him and that worked well but I felt a hairdo was cooler. The gun was essential. It needed his personal touch and maybe I could've added a grenade launcher to it but oh well. He is one of my favorite customs I've done.

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