Head and Hat: 25th Ann Recondo
Torso and Upper Arms: 25th Ann Recondo
Lower Arms: 25th Ann Recondo and 30th Ann Kwinn
Upper Legs and Knees: DG Shipwreck
Lower Legs: Renegades Ripcord

This custom came about due to displeasure with the modern era Recondo offerings. I used the best parts provided for the 25th anniversary version and sourced what I felt were the best pieces to compliment his specialty.

The upper legs gave way to the attachment of the knife sheath from Gnawhyde, and the ammo pouches to supplement the rifle I paired with him. Knee pads were dirtied to show use in the jungle. To give the character stronger lower arms, the lowers were cut from a Kwinn figure and adhered to the original lower arms of the 25th Recondo figure.

The color scheme was chosen to be reminiscent of the original, however darker to conceal the character in jungle operations.

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