web gear, head, gun- 4" Black Series Death Trooper
torso, helmet, upper legs, skirt- Retaliation Budo
upper arms- Zartan
lower arms, hands- the most recent posable stormtrooper (he's had several releases, i think)
lower legs- Night Viper

As soon as I saw they were doing a 4'' Black Series Death Trooper I knew I had to track one down and make a samurai out of him. Fortunately his web gear is easily removable and fits just right on the Budo torso. Unfortunately his lower arms are way too long and skinny, so I had to use a regular Stormtrooper's lower arms. Lots of black, of course, so painting was a breeze. The only real work involved was cracking 2 torsos and dremeling out the holes in the upper arms so the larger peg from the Stormtrooper lower arm would fit.

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