Head: Armijo Viper
Torso: Renegades Duke
Arms: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Legs: Data Viper
Gear: Force Awakes
Helmet: Halo Cast

I've been wanting to do a Countdown for awhile, and make it the way I like to make my Modern Era figures-which is a cross between vintage and PoC. Countdown proved to be a challenge in that aspect, as the gear always never looked right when I'd have one in a WIP stage. Thanks to the Force Awakens, I found something suitable. For the helmet, I decided to use the one seen, as the vintage one looked a little too vintage for me. Instead of just placing it on his head, I added it to a shock trooper mask so Countdown wouldn't be floating in space with a bare neck. Download site rips for free I used as many light colored or white parts as I could to help with any paint rub, used a krylon base white, then used a camouflage grey which is a pretty close match to white. This guy is finally off my to do list.

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