head, torso - stormshadow v2
arms - duke
lower legs - destro
vest - gung ho
shotgun - at snake eyes
lockjaw - HULK movie hulkdog
harness - tunnel rat
handler pike - IG

Night Adder and Lockjaw

Cobra Security Forces have taken a defined upturn since Lt Clay Moore has taken command. Not relying on the rank and file or insane (croc pit tunnels?!?) methods, tried, true and tested military police investments. Night Adder is his trusted right hand and manages all Terrordrome security in his absence of offsight assignment, doing his own personal patrols of all areas at night. Mindbender used some of his venomization and Nano augmentations to give Night Adder the advantage of share perception with his hound Lockjaw. Together the two move in unison, without the need for vocal commands, their symbiosis keeps them mutually aware, even on par with the likes of Mutt and Junkyard III who have been training and bonded since Junkyard III's birth. Night Adder feels that bigger security and defense risk than anything GI Joe could muster is the Dreadnoks, he especially has a long rivalry with Burn-out.

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