Head - 25th Outback
Torso - Ver.38 Storm Shadow
Forearms and upper legs - Ver.19
Lower legs - Ver.3B Steel Brigade
Hands - Ver.18 Flint
Feet - Steel Brigade Delta
Web gear - Raginspoon
Shemagh and Web accessories - Avacslab

This was a commission for a friend who requested a Tiger Force Outback from me, but not being a huge fan of the TF repaints (in particular Outback's garish colour choices) I decided to give him a more muted spin.

So I kept TF Outback's hair colour change; ditched the orange t-shirt for an orange shemagh; and changed the trouser camo to a more realistic looking "Tiger stripe" DPM. I think he turned out with quite a 'Nam era SEAL/MAC-V-SOG look to him in the end.

The webbing and backpack were an amalgamation of bits and pieces from both Raginspoon and Avacslab, like the field phone, bowie knife, leg drop bag, etc.
The arm tattoos were homemade waterslide decals.

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