Head: NS Rook
Chest/back: NS Dusty
Upper arms: Wolverine & The X-Men- Cyclops
Lower arms, legs: 25A Duke
Waist: NS Frostbite
Fedora: IJ- Indiana Jones
Trenchcoat: DCIH- Commissioner Gordon
Tommy Gun: Marauder, Inc.


An unproduced Eagle Force figure, creator Paul Kircher's notes only describe the character as being "a nostalgic type", without saying what his specialty might actually be. But it definitely involves carrying a Tommy Gun. Without the wonderful Marauder, Inc. Tommy Gun, I would have been stuck with a lackluster Sgt. Rock one.

A mix of parts from Indiana Jones, Marvel, DCIH, NS, and 25A come together to create a throwback look for Chicago Al, who was created for Mego with the possible code names of "Chicago" or "Big Al". I blended the names together because they both work. The Indiana Jones hat was a given, but it limited the number of heads to those which would fit in it. The Rook head wasn't perfect, but acceptable.

Colors & Painting:

The Kirchner notes indicate that the figure would have had a black dress shirt with a white tie, so that was a must. The hat is black to not look exactly like Indiana Jone's hat.

For my other Eagle Force customs, the metallic gold is replaced with a yellow/tan/orange camouflage pattern. For this figure, with its business attire, any camouflage pattern would have been out of place. So there is no camo, only dark tan for the pants. The trenchcoat is a burnt orange, which has become the alternate color to play against the camo on my EF customs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck was carved down to sit higher. The legs were a bit too long for the chest/back, so it was elevated above the belt line. A new "spine" was added between the waist the bottom of the chest/back, with the midriff sculpted around it. The o-ring was replaced with twisted wire, so that an o-ring couldn't dry rot and never be repaired. The bottom portions of the sleeves were sculpted before the figure was assembled and then added once the trenchcoat was slid over the upper arms.

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