Head: Star Trek The Motion Picture- Kirk cast
Alternate Masked head, lower arms: 2009 Ice-Viper
Torso: 25A Ace
Upper arms: 2012 Red Ninja
Legs: NS Zartan
Armor: Resolute Zartan


Julio Lopez was the driver of the MASK Firefly. The first version of Julio Lopez was decked out in an armored flightsuit, as his dune buggy would transform into an aircraft. I worked up the parts for this figure as I worked up a flightsuit Cobra Commander custom, so many of the parts leftover from one figure were used for the other.

I've said it before, but the Mego 3.75" heads are just amazing. With a darker flesh tone and black hair/mustache, the head isn't immediately recognizable as a likeness of The Shatner, but the quality of the sculpting is still evident.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the first Kenner version.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The collar, armor plating on the arms, and the mystery boxes above the knees are sculpted. Mass was added to the tops of the legs to better fill out the hip socket area and the thigh screw insets were filled.

Thanks for looking.

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