Head: Budo '88
Torso: Viper '86
Arms: Mercer '87
Waist: Frostbite '85
Legs: Iceberg '86

Chainsaw: Buzzer '85
Flamethrower: Blowtorch '84
Grenade Launcher: Hardball '88

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Demoltions
Secondary Military Specialty: Quartermaster
Birthplace: Pacific Northwest
Rico's father was the lead blast technician at a local rock quarry and his mother worked as a lumber jack. So blowing things up and knocking things down comes as natural as to him as walking does to everyone else. He suffered a facial injury that left him unable to speak in little more the incoherent babble. Proficient with all NATO and Warsaw Pact explosives, detonators, and blasting machines.
The PENGUINS (PENtagon GUerilla INfiltration Squad) don't officially exist. In fact, they are so far off the grid they make Sgt. Slaughters Renegades look like the poster children for Army recruiters everywhere.
"He's been making things go Ka-boom so long it's made him slightly unbalanced. I mean...chainsaw's his answer to everything. Thankfully he's on our side."

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