Head: Psyche-Out '87
Arms: Destro '83
Torso/Waist/Legs: Countdown '89
Holographic Abacus: Shrinky Dink paper and Sharpies
Notepad and Pen: Paper and a bullet from Rock n Roll (25th anniversary)

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Engineer
Secondary Military Specialty: Chemical, Biological, Radiological
Birthplace: Near Three Mile Island PA
Kowalski suffers from dyslexia so severe he's official been classified as illiterate, however his I.Q. is off the charts. He created a pictographic language to compensate for his dyslexia, and a wrist mounted A.B.A.C.U.S.* for aiding in complex mathematical calculations. He can cobble virtually anything together with whatever resources are available.
The PENGUINS (PENtagon GUerilla INfiltration Squad) may not officially exist, but they still need to get paid. Their checks come through a fund set up to help the endangered skorca whales.
" This guy is incredible. I've seen him rebuild a plane in the middle of Africa and then fly it home. Twice! Our biggest fear is that one day he's gonna build something that'll bring about a zombie apocalypse. Ironically, that's his biggest fear too. It's probably because he thinks those brain eaters will smell his cerebral cortex a mile away. "

*A Better Arithmetic Calculating Unit, Seriously

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