Head: Mercer '87
Arms: Headman '92
Torso, Waist, Legs: Windchill '94
Pistol: Dogfight '89

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Tactician
Secondary Military Specialty: Executive Bodyguard
Birthplace: Classified
Skipper began his career as a bodyguard for low level politicians and city park commissioners. He has a near perfect success record for planning and implementing operations. The team knows they can give him any options and he can turn them into a working plan. Qualified Expert: M-60, M-16, M-79, M-1911A1, 10 ft. Whacking Stick, MAC-10
The PENGUINS (PENtagon GUerilla INfiltration Squad) answer directly to the President. No one else knows of their existence. This gives them a great deal of freedom on missions, but it also means if things go wrong no one is coming to help. Their motto: "non solum natare".
"After that incident in Denmark when we lost Manfredi and Johnson, Skipper plans for every possible contingency. No matter how strange it may seem. What you call paranoid, he calls prepared."

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