Head: Armored Cobra Commander, modded
Torso: Sand-Viper
Arms: Zartan
Waists: Flak-Viper
Legs x2: B.A.T.s

A long done custom in my post-pending box that's finally posted.

I'm not anymore sure why I never considered this finished... maybe because I wanted a tail for it back then. But anyway, I wanted to be done with this custom and post it.

Just in time with the IDW Revolution storyline involving the Micronauts too.

Anyway, I used putty to connect waists together to form a horse body for this one.

And I previously codenamed this one Stompede, as a Lunartix Empire alien. But I decided to just make it Baron Karza now, true to what it was supposed to be when I imagined doing the custom.

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