head - mego lois Lane
body - zica toys Yvonne 8.0
arms - marvel build a figure hobgoblin
roller skates -monster high
fishnets - lt-stone missile nets
skirt - wallet
wrench is a wrench

before I get any no joe parts flak, her fish nets are made from the capture missiles from LT. Stone.

Heart Wrencher is one of the new generation Noks that joined alongside Machete, Stormrider, Dirtnap and DeathMetal. She has an ever evolving rockabilly pinup look but is actually among the best mechanics you can find, anywhere. She may have come in on the arm of Thrasher but she left him and stayed for the machines. Her experience as a rollergirl made her more than tough enough to hold her own among the weekly bar brawls at the Nok camp.

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