Entire figure, backpack, computer: ARAH Mainframe

Design/Colors & Paint:

Sunbow took an action figure that had a one-color uniform and changed into a two-color uniform for the cartoon. In Mainframe's case, the light grey of the figure was replaced with medium grey on the lower half, and most of the black elements on the figure were recolored as charcoal grey. I expanded the medium grey to the helmet to better balance the colors and to show off the detail lost under the black paint. The light grey on the upper half has a bit of blue tinge. It was the closest non-primer light grey spray paint I could find.

There are few tweaks to the Sunbow colors. Sunbow (and Hasbro) broke up the chest strap into different colors, but I kept it a solid color. I also dropped silver from the color set entirely, using a light grey instead. I also used a slate blue for the fabric areas of uniform instead of the medium grey on the chest strap.

The face is repainted to give Mainframe more detailed eyes and eyebrows.

I generally don't do head-to-toe repaints, so this figure was a change of pace. There are many figures, especially those after '86, in need of repaints. Mainframe isn't really one of them, but this is a decent alternate look for the character.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The elbow rivets and leg screw insets are epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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