Head: Serpentor '86
Arms: Techno-Viper '87
Torso: Dr. Mindbender '93
Waist and Legs: Dr. Mindbender '86
Backpack: Headhunter '92
Pistol: Greedo (Star Wars)
Science Lab: Parts from the Mass Device (25th Anniversary)

File Name: Ocktopus, David D.
Primary Military Specialty: Biological Engineering
Secondary Military Specialty: Public Relations
Birthplace: The Gulf Coast

Known Aliases: Dr. Octavius Brine, Dan, Darrel, Dennis, Derrick, Dirk, Debbie, Dexter, Dorris, and Ramirez
Once a brilliant marine biologist and cover model, his life changed when he was voted second most handsome man in the country. Not content to be second best to anyone, he developed a serum to make him the best looking man in the world. However, he forgot to carry the two. His plan backfired, and it turned him into a hideously deformed human reliant on three artificial hearts to keep him alive.
" Dave blames society for what happened to him. He plans on exacting his revenge on everyone and everything. He wants to make them more hideous than himself. Which, by comparison, will then make him the best looking person around. He's already begun his cruel experiments on the cutest and cuddliest creatures of the animal kingdom. There is hope for him though. I mean a guy with the largest snow globe collection in the Western Hemisphere can't be all bad. "


I was watching The Joy of Painting one day, and Bob Ross said "There's no mistakes. Just happy little accidents." That pretty much sums up this custom.

I was trying to fix the Serpentor head when brittle plastic shattered. As soon as I saw what he looked like, I knew I had a "Dave" for my Penguins of Madagascar customs.

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