Head: Build N Brawl Roddy Piper
Torsos and T-shirt/bare arms: 50th Shipwreck/Hacks blank
Jacket and jacket arms: Mutt Williams
Waist and legs: HACKS with boots from Build N Brawl figure
Feet: 25th Snake-Eyes

Rowdy Roddy Piper was a treasure. I'm sad that I was too dismissive of pro wrestling to realize it sooner. Especially sad it wasn't soon enough to actually care when I had the opportunity to meet him at JoeCon. Between his acting work and his general personality, I've since gained a huge appreciation for him, and since he was already part of the Joeverse, I definitely wanted a figure of him. HACKS made that a lot more feasible, but just doing an in-ring version of Piper wasn't enough for me. This figure was a fun experiment in making swappable components and while I still need to put together a "Hot Rod" shirted torso for him, I'm extremely happy with the end result. And hey, I also learned how to make a kilt!

As an integral part of the Iron Grenadier army, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has access to the latest in M.A.R.S. tech. Often wears prototype vision enhancement glasses classified N.A.D.A. * in combat situations, though prolonged use is known to cause headaches and colorblindness.

* Neuroptic Augmentation Device, Advanced

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