Head: Laser Viper '90
Torso: Sgt. Slaughter '89
Arms: Sgt. Slaughter '89
Waist: Sagat '93
Upper legs: Sagat '93
Lower legs: Dhalsim '93

Rifle: Battle Gear '87
Binoculars: Marauder Inc
Lifebuoys: Soldier Force

Lifeguard Seat:
Dragonfly '83 seat
Outpost Defender '86 posts
Cobra Bunker '85 tripod base
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This was my second entry for the NJC #91 Swim Suit Edition. The idea started with the torso, which just couldn't be better serving for the purpose as a lifeguard. Next thing that came to mind was the idea for the dio shots, but I had to select a comic superhero with marksman skills who also is cool, serious and masked. Still lots of characters to choose from, but Deadpool was my new goal.

Painting the head was a pretty nerve wracking job, especially the "eyes". The lifeguard seat also was time consuming, but I'm satisfied about it.

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