Head: NS Cobra Commander???
w/25A Cobra Commander helmet
Chest/back: NS Snake-Eyes
Arms: 25A Barbecue
Waist: NS Alley Viper
Legs: NS Tunnel Rat
RPG: Cobra Bazooka Trooper


Big Blaster was a named Cobra Solider introduced in the GI Joe Microforce line. There were about 12 new characters introduced in the Micro Force line. Oddly, only one of them was a GI Joe character (Tankblast) and only two were Cobra characters (the unfortunately named Big Blaster and Spin 'n Smash)- the rest were ninja characters of different clans. The NS parts here are generic enough to replicate the look of the minifigure, plus 25A arms with swivel wrists so the figure could hold its weapon.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the minifigure- standard Cobra Soldier blue and black. The face mask is red to step away from the Cobra Commander look. It also makes the head look a bit larger under the helmet, which is a bit too big for the head.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The base of the neck was thinned down so the head could sit higher.

Thanks for looking.

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