Head: Battle Beasts Horny Toad (modified with Corps! neck ball)
Torso: Wild Card '88
Left arm: Wild Card '88
Normal left hand: Wild Card '88
Rocking left hand: Some Spiderman figure
Right arm: Lanard Corps! Crowbar
Waist: Wild Card '88
Upper right leg: Zanzibar '87
Upper left leg: Wild Card '88
Lower legs: Wild Card '88

Guitare: Playmobil
Microphone: Playmobil

My entry for the NJC #93: JC Rocks!
Frog sounds like rock, so that's how I got the idea to make a rocking Kermit the Frog. The parts for the body were easily found, I based that look on some iconic rock stars/bands from the 80's: Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith and Metallica.

The head was a more difficult part, I just couldn't decide whether to search for some frog toy or sculpt one from scratch. As you can see I ended up with a sort of frog toy, though it's a toad head. Removed the warts, the original eyes and replaced the eyes with half beads from the crafts store.

At first I wanted to make that "rock hand" from a Hydro Viper, but Spiderman's web-spinning hand made things a lot easier. I just had to modify the thumb.

Guitar and mic are from a Playmobil figure. They're the right size for this figure.

Almost all rock stars have tattoos, so I made one clearly relating to Miss Piggy.

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