resident evil verdugo missing legs, filled in with gorilla glue
shroud from revenge of the fallen Megatron voyager class

Cobra Commander Undone - The Serpent's Maw

The fate of the Himalayan Cobra Lair is well documented, the bizarre cult that came from the biohazard event and their cruel judgment of the man they believed to be the one the condemned them to die. It took him exuding great feats of will and survival to pull himself back from the end of evolution into a snake to the creature that stalked the wilderness and wasteland left behind in Cobra LAir. Feeding on anything he could find he happened upon the source of the mutation, a crystal that Pythona had gifted to Zartan, abandoned in the chaos of the final battle. He consumed it and regained some of his humanity. The effects do not last long, so while he could, he gathered all he could to begin his search for more Dragonfire crystals. In time of regression he is breastial and primal, clinging desperately to the shroud of who he once was. rasping to himself as if to convince himself otherwise "WASSS ONCCCCE A MAN...."

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