Head: 25A Scarlett (pilot gear)
Arms: Star Wars- Rystall
Feet: Star Wars- Chancellor Valorum
Holstered pistol: NS Tunnel Rat gunbelt
Cobra badge: push mold from ARAH Scrap Iron helmet
All else: DCIH- Starfire


Dr. Biggles-Jones was introduced late in the Marvel run as a Cobra scientist/double agent. Sadly, the late Marvel run had bad art and the uniform for Dr. Biggles-Jones reflected the decline in art quality. Unlike most people in the STEM fields, Dr. Biggles-Jones sported a sleeveless blue/maroon bodysuit under a labcoat. Even the labcoat was ridiculous, with its rolled up sleeves and an oversized collar.

The comic uniform failed because it tried to join a sleek bodysuit with a flashy labcoat. A better approach would have been to give her two distinct uniforms: an unassuming lab uniform for R&D stuff, and a bodysuit for field operations. I've opted for the bodysuit, removing the labcoat but adding long gloves and short, clunky boots. Adding a holster to one leg helps sell this as a field uniform.

The Rystall arms only swivel at the shoulder inset, but the sculpting is so good that they make the figure. Sculpted to be in a "jazz hands" dancing position, I disguised them as much as possible by adding the holster to line up with the hand on the figure's left side.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the blue torso/maroon legs of the comic book. Had Hasbro released a Dr. Biggles-Jones figure in the 90's, it would have been packaged with a gaudy neon accessories tree. As a nod to this horrible gimmick, I've painted the handle of the gun orange.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The bangs and ponytail are sculpted and blended into the existing hair. The Cobra badge is a push mold from the one on Scrap Iron's helmet. The midriff gap and the right shoulder were epoxied smooth. The tiny feet were removed and replaced with the Chancellor Valorum boots.

Thanks for looking.

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