Head: Not sure who is underneath, but Star Wars cantina bar figure face mask with ice viper helmet w/ added Major Bludd gun tip for spike
upper legs: buzzer
lower legs: ?
arms: ozone
coat: pirates of the Carribean

water cooled machine gun: roadblock tripod and gun base. with snake eyes pink gun for barrel, added major Bludd gun part for barrel tip. 1/72 scale 88 mm cannon part for shield. added Marauder Inc ammo can to side (coolest custom weapon i have ever made)
rotates and all.

This guy was a inspiration of mine for a long time. The idea came from the movie sucker punch in which there are these German WW1 guys that resemble this. The star wars alien character who had this facemask was a perfect fit for what i wanted to do. I added a cobra emblem decal on his arm but its hard to see. I might end up taking it off and replace it with something later. I actually took a old custom i did named "fallout" and altered it to this guy. He would fit in the "alternate time frame" group project category .

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