Head: Star Wars Mace Windu
Torso, arms: 50th Gung-Ho
Legs: 25th Roadblock

GUTS! was a line of small (2.5''-3'') army men. Released in 1986, each figure was molded in one piece, had no articulation and was painted. They were available in packs of 2, 5 and 10 and there were 6 squads for a grand total of 60 different soldiers to collect.
I had a few GUTS! Toys as a kid and I loved them. After making a half dozen GUTS! customs for last years's edition of Retro Toy Chest, I wanted to revisit the theme. After all, I have only barely scratched the surface of the 60 characters that exist. After wrapping up Resurgence 3, I set about building a bunch of GUTS! figures. In short order, I had most of the Jungle Fighters, Aikido Force and Green Berets pieced together. I picked 5 of my favorites for this projects and got to painting.

Weapon: Bow
''Strikes down the enemy with pin-point accuracy!''

Bill Tell was the first Jungle Fighter that I assembled. He embodies what the GUTS! Jungle Fighters are all about - bare chest, rugged, real '80s Rambo/Commando types. Bill Tell is unique because of his weapon and all that inspired me to recreate him 4" form.

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