Head: New sculpt Wetsuit cast
Torso and arms: Han Solo torture chair
Hands: 21st Century Elite Forces
Thighs: Dollar General Storm Shadow
Calves: Clone Wars trooper
Feet: Cobra Dog Handler
McChampionship belt: POTC with cut up folder
Brass Nuggets: Kwinn blade handle with sculpting.
Fry Guys: Zombie cheerleader heads, blind bag animal eyes, Star Wars Risk troopers feet

Ronald McDonald
Fast Food Mafia Godfounder
Weight: 185, Height: 6'2" with the hair
Finisher Move: Super Sized with a Shake
Set-up Move: Big Mac Attack
Manager: Colonel Sanders

The feed from the live in-ring action on the jumbotron at the Lance Sputacular Charity Event for Kids and Stuff is interrupted-

"H-h-h-hi, I said greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and whatever that JoeMichaels70 is. I, the KFC Colonel, have re-re-return, I said come back with a fresh menu option for you. Ya'll be happy to know, you're new champion, I say it again, you're NEW...champion, will be serving up beatings all day."

"Hehehehe, I'll tell you something Colonel Sanders, I've been waiting patiently like I pulled ahead in the drive thru for some fresh fries. Waiting for the day I'd be able to lay claim as the greatest JCW wrestler the world had ever seen. Only that crooked Pluv took all the money and the JCW went away like the McBLT and styrofoam containers. Well, Lance Sputnik, your McChampion has arrived. I've got two Double Quarter Pounders of pain with special sauce waiting for you. You can't run Sputnik. I slashed the tires on your limo and flamebroiled the helipad. Your only way out is by meeting me in the ring tonight or what's left of you leaves in a Happy Meal box. Either way, I'm loving it!"

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