Head: 25th Steeler
Torso, arms, legs: 25th Deep Six

The Adventure People series of toys was introduced in 1975 by Fisher Price. The series, aimed at older children, included 34 play sets devoted to scuba diving, mountain climbing, space exploration, motor biking, parachuting and other adventurous pursuits. The line also included a few Astronauts and aliens for adventures in outer space.

I had a few sets as a kid (still have my Safari Truck packed away somewhere). Last year, I made a custom blue faced alien pilot (from the Firestar I) using a 25th Deep Six body. Even though that body is not very articulated, it fits in well with my custom Adventure People which tend to made from less detailed parts. I had 2 more spare 25th Deep Six figures, so I set about making more astronauts.

For the Astronaut, the Adventure People line had several similar ones to choose from. I went with the most recognizable.

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