Head: Range Viper
Chest: Range Viper
Arms: Range Viper
Crotch: Cobra Commander V.6
Legs: Cobra Commander V.6

Brainium is as smart as they come, actually he's smarter. Although he was born gifted and was always the smartest kid in his class, that wasn't good enough. He was obsessed with becoming the smartest person in the world. Because he knew with knowledge came power. He targeted the brain itself to reach this goal. He developed injections which he puts directly into his brain. The bandoleer around his chest may look like bullets but those are actually the injections. They give him super human intelligence as well as the ability to use parts of the brain most people cannot use and don't even know the potential of. His sacrificed his appearance to obtain his brain power. His brain is exposed and enlarged but he developed a way to make the outer part rock hard which is why he has the black squares on the side of his head, that's where he puts in his brain injections.

He is a master of manipulation because no one knows psychology and how the brain works better than he does. He can outsmart anyone and make them do his bidding.

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