Head, torso, waist - Krexx Radek sculpt
Arms, upper legs - Lady Jaye (1985)
Lower legs - Sci-Fi v3 (1993)
Rifle - Marauder Inc.

Thanks to the great work of Krexx Radek, we have a really nice representation of Daina here. I went with the desert camo coloration, which first appeared in 1987, since I think that's the most iconic version of the character from the Marvel comics (at least the most iconic version that's fully dressed.)

I do custom filecards for all of my figures. I've tried to standardize and rationalize a lot of the information presented on the cards, and the picture used gives an indication of the character's height - just compare Daina's card (who I figure is about 5'6") to the one I did for Kwinn (who is 6'10" canonically.)

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