Head: 1980's 4" Cabbage Patch figure, with sculpy, a Joe projectile, rubber cabinet bumpers, and Elmer's glue.
Torso: Snake Eyes Arctic PoC
Arms: 25th Wild Bill
Legs: Kwinn Retaliation
Weapon: Made out of Spirit's dart clip and the rubber leg bumper from inside a Joe figure
Vest: MiB figure

There's one character that comes to my mind when I think of Garbage Pail Kids. The most Iconic of them all was Adam Bomb, and the idea to make him started during Retro Toy Chest part 1 from last year. It took awhile to figure out the "explosion" but once I had a slight idea on how to pull it off, it all came together rather quickly. The making the rubber bumpers look like part of the explosion was created using Elmer's Glue, which worked out way better than I had hoped for. I am very excited to have done this figure.

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