Head: Schleich type static Triceratops toy, with sculpted back of head
Torso/Arms/Legs: Marvel Ulik, with sculpted scales on back
Weapon: the base/trigger parts are Neca T2 guns, with GI Joe guns built onto that
Vest/Gauntlets: Marvel Infinite Hulk
Belt: Original TMNT Figure

As a child, I had a small army of TMNT figures. My favorite bad guy out of them all, Triceraton. I loved dinosaurs as a kid, and now here you have a dinosaur action figure with guns, who's poseable, and looks like he is going to wreak some major havoc.

Making this custom was a lesson in stepping out of my comfort zone of 3 3/4 size figures, and was highly enjoyable to make. Not sure if I want to repeat the process again, but I am pleased with the result.

I used orange spray paint over the base body, about 4 light coats, each time exposing a different joint once dried. After that was done, I used Modge Podge to dull the brightness down a bit, followed by a red pine wash that helped give some definition to the muscle. I sanded down the "bumps" that were on the base figure's legs, so he'd have a smooth look as if he was wearing pants. A small amount of sculpting was done around the knee area to give the pants a "torn up" look.

The tail was attached with green stuff and glue, and I used a sawed off piece of the donor dinosaur figure to keep the flow of the scales going by imprinting them into the green stuff. I used this process to build up the back of the head as well so there wasn't an abrupt cut spot where the head and neck meet. The scales on the back were sculpted on as well.

The guns were fun to make as well. They came together fairly easy and looked alot better than I thought they would.

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