head: Road Pig with epoxy scars , also chap mei mask and hose
hat: Gnawgahyde
chest: Gnawgahyde dremeld down and then carved to make look like gator skin
arms: Armadillo
crotch: ?

Indiana Jones belt and whip
crocodile: Steve Erwin figure

The original Croc Master was always one of my favorites. Not only did I like that he had an alligator I also liked him because he was kinda creepy looking. For along time I wanted to do an unmasked version of him and give him a more human feel. This version details why he wears a mask and has a breathing device. The scars on his face indicate he was once attacked by a crocodile or alligator and left him disfigured and needing help breathing. I also gave him a Crocodile Dundee like alligator vest and made him like a real poacher/hunter.

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