Head - cast of Krexx Radek sculpt
Torso - Bazooka
Arms - Heavy Duty
Waist - Roadblock v2
Legs - Duke v11

Grenade launcher - Range-Viper
Bandolier - Dusty v10

"And Big Lob makes his move!"

There was only one version of Big Lob released in ARAH format, by the Collector's Club in 2010, and that figure left an awful lot to be desired. I had originally made a Big Lob custom using a Bullet-Proof head, but it was not quite up to snuff. Then I found that a movie-accurate custom sculpt was available, and it really makes the figure. I also used legs from the Valor vs. Venom era to create additional height in the figure, as you can see in the pic with Big Lob and his buddy Chuckles.

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