Head, Webgear, Gloves; FSS Big Boa Resin Cast Kit
Body: Jurassic Park mercenary

This is my custom Big Boa. I never had access to the FSS and with its skyrocketing prices nowadays, I found it way out of my reach.
Luckily I found Ricsonic Customs and they were selling a kit to make your own Big Boa!

Made after the FSS figure, the kit included a head, gloves, webgear, dumbell and a sparring helmet. I quickly grabbed the opportunity and made my own Big Boa using the buck from the unreleased Jurassic Park mercenary figure. It had a nice tattoo which added some character to Big Boa. The included protective helmet is nice and enables you to show them sparring with Big Boa, however it fits only the smaller heads of old 25th cobra troopers. Still its an option I'm lucky to have.

I am really glad that I was able to make this for my own.

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