All parts - Crazylegs

Rifle - Marauder Inc.
Parachute pack - Crazylegs

This custom came about because I had a second spare Crazylegs figure when I was working on another custom Crazylegs. Since I find Night Force Crazylegs' colouring to be a bit boring, just black and green, I figured I'd do a new Night Force version as well.

Also, I've never liked his rifle. The packaging calls it an EM-4, but it can't be that since the actual EM-4 (which never progressed beyond the experimental stage) was a bullpup design. So I gave him a rifle from Marauder Inc., which is supposed to be a Heckler & Koch G36, but since that would be anachronistic for Crazylegs, we'll call it something else. I think it looks like a Leader Dynamics T2 Mk5, but it's not exact so let's call it a T2 Mk7.

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