Head: SW figure
Torso and upper arms: Viper 25th
Lower arms Hawk 50th
Legs: Beach Head POC
Helmet: vintage Mainframe Head
webgear: Dataframe 25th & Marauder gun holster

The 25th version of Mainframe (Dataframe) that Hasbro did back in 2008 was a big let down form me. I wanted to revisit this one from quite a long time now, but couldn't find a helmet that would work. I had the same problem with Payload and T.A.R.G.A.T.

After Joecon 2017 I decided to use a vintage Mainframe head and dremeled out the head just keeping the helmet. It's the first time I used waterslide decals for the Marine patch on his shoulder, but really like the end result.

Painting the computer screen was fun and different than what i'm used to.

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