Heads - Buzzer / Blowtorch / MIB3 Boris
Coats - Rex "The Doctor" Lewis
Arms - Wedge Antilles / Admiral Ackbar
Legs - Storm Shadow
Torsos - Indiana Jones Henry Jones Sr. / Scrap-Iron / Mutt
Boots - Barbeque

I was on a COBRA Science kick after the SPIRITS vs CORPSE group project and wanted to update that con exclusive figure with the Street Fighter Blanka head. But I could never remember his name. Was it Hotwire? Hardwire? I had already used Haywire for the name of a Star Wars Clone Mechanic, and that's when inspiration stuck. I'd use all three names, and make them a trio of clones.

I used a standard recipe with a little variation so they'd look similar, and based their general color scheme on Renegades Mindbender. Working on them, I realized I could also get a pretty dead on Renegades Mindbender out of the project too, with a simple head swap.

"As COBRA's science endeavors grow and expand, it needs more raw brain power to manage each of their divisions and various avenues of research. That's where Hotwire, Hardwire, and Haywire come in. They share one of the greatest and most gifted scientific minds in history. The problem is, they can't seem to remember or agree who's the original and who're the clones. This causes a great deal of antagonizing and strife among the group as they squabble over who's in charge, each under the impression that they are the original and therefore the leader. What's worse, not many members of COBRA can keep their names straight which only confuses things more. If they were able to set their differences, or more accurately their genetic similarities, aside and work as a team the world would be in real trouble. And even the ruthless COBRA COMMANDER doesn't have the heart to suggest that they might ALL be clones, even if it might put an end to their arguing."

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